Kumar ARORA is a serial entrepreneur and INVESTOR behind many startups and EMERGING brands. Some of his ventures include iLTHY®, Black Rose MARKETING, & more.

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Kumar Arora is a man with many plans. Consistently pushing the envelope on design and innovation, much of his work centers on the idea of creating novel products and brands. His concentration lies in a variety of industries including fashion, tech, nano-science, entertainment, marketing, and design.

With a plethora of skill sets, Kumar has taken his vision and expertise to lead the way with strategic investments and growth opportunities with his parent company, Aroridex Ltd. Aroridex provides resources, investment, consulting services to assist early-stage to mid-sized businesses. His business performance has driven remarkable growth in brand recognition, marketing presence, and overall customer loyalty in a variety of sectors. Kumar serves as a consultant and advisor for a range of industries. He boasts an impressive roster of clients ranging from Fortune 500s, startups, to celebrities and athletes.

And it worked: Lebron James caught attention of Kumar's ventures and was one of the hand-picked investors the hit CNBC reality show "Cleveland Hustles". On the show, Kumar invested $200,000 towards another new business: Old City Soda to expand manufacturing, open up their very own brick-and-mortar concept, as well as expand into national distribution. This catapulted Kumar into the world of entertainment and makes him the youngest investor on CNBC as well as the first Indian-American on television as an investor. 

It is Kumar's belief to impact those around him, his community, as well as challenge his fellow entrepreneurs. He believes that every obstacle is an opportunity for growth and that it's always better to overcome obstacles together than alone. It is this principle of empowering others that allows Kumar to reach new heights and serve as a face and catalyst for the entrepreneurial movement in the Midwest.

Entrepreneurs skip climbing the corporate ladder; we’re either building a rocket to the top...or a bomb that can explode at any moment.
— Kumar Arora



Black Rose Entertainment is a global provider of entertainment management and lifestyle-branding services. We host various events while connecting products to consumers through luxury branding, consulting, entertainment management, product development, and marketing services.

Our mission is to inspire for upscale social events, concerts, and parties while taking your brand or product to the next level.

Welcome to the dark side. blackrosemktg.com

Innovation Chemical Technologies, Ltd.

Our vision is buoyed on our belief in nanoscience which is poised to change the share of things around us. We believe in things ultra small and the huge potential of their application across various industries. Backed by world class technology, we aim to provide technology oriented, research based and process driven nanotechnology solutions.

We manufacture specialty nanochemicals for a wide spectrum of industry applications. We are committed to explore novel ways, newer products and fast-forward nanotechnology for you.  


Rogue Eyewear is a unique perspective in sun wear told through various collections of deliberately thought out, wearable shades. We follow the philosophy of sophisticated style, refined design, and deep colors, to present a timeless and classic product to you. rogue-eyewear.com


ILTHY® is a creative apparel brand that believes in teamwork, unique artwork, and showcasing individualism. We strive hard to showcase our traits in everyday lifestyle as artists through print media, photography, and apparel. Our ideas and concepts are inspired by pop culture, music, sports, and our history, and our own ideals. ilthy.com



Fresh-from-market produce and all-natural ingredients, pressed by hand, carefully mixed and carbonated, then bottled in small batches. It’s a revival of purity, tradition, and passion for crafting sodas the way they were meant to be. oldcitysoda.com

Boutique agency specializing in investments in commercial, office, and retail properties. Founded in 2014, ARG has grown into a diversified firm with a deep bench of professionals and a strategically expanding portfolio. ARG owns & manage a handful of properties consisting of commercial complexes as well as joint venture property investments.