How Five Entrepreneurs Overcame Their Toughest Emotional Challenges (Forbes)

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"Searching For Purpose"

For Kumar Arora, the biggest hurdle of entrepreneurship was finding meaning.

“We’ve been conditioned to think that you’re starting a business or becoming an entrepreneur to give yourself the lifestyle you’ve always wanted, but what happens after that? Are your goals truly accomplished? Will you truly become happy at the end of your first major goal? I was overtaken by the idea of becoming successful that it blinded key decisions that could have taken me down a path of true happiness.”

After realizing that real success wasn’t defined by the success of his business, Kumar began questioning whether every step he took was a step towards who he wanted to be.

“I try to make sure I have a stronger focus and always see the big picture plan with my endeavors. Is my work unique? Is what I’m putting out in the world impacting other people’s lives? Are the services I’m offering bettering someone else life? By giving myself an opportunity to do what fulfills my needs, it allows me to paint the best version of myself for myself, my colleagues and my own happiness.”

Kumar’s advice for other entrepreneurs? Don’t let your business define who you are.

“All in all, when one takes on the challenge of becoming an entrepreneur, it truly is no different from venturing out in an unfamiliar jungle. You must use your skills to navigate the terrain as well as the tools you have to survive. But once you have fulfilled the most basic needs for yourself and your project, you must try to look beyond and try to find unique and novel ways to keep yourself from being consumed by business.”

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