After being tasked by LeBron James to help revive a Cleveland neighborhood, investor Kumar Arora must decide which small business should get his investment and the storefront, artisan pickle maker Randy’s Pickles or craft beverage company Old City Soda?

Being a serial entrepreneur, my mind is constantly searching for the next best idea. I am consistently pushing the envelope on design and innovation, and much of my work centers on the idea of creating novel products and household brands. While my concentration lies in a variety of industries including fashion, tech, nano-science, entertainment, marketing and design, my newest project, Rogue Eyewear, uses experimental materials combined with bold designs for a new perspective in a stagnant industry. Here are some tips I have found useful in finding new ideas.

Brand genius and investor Kumar Arora discusses the roles of the investors on the show Cleveland Hustles, how he plans to positively impact the city he was born in. From executive producer LeBron James, Cleveland Hustles premiere episodes Wednesdays 10P ET/PT.

Kumar tackles the age-old phrase "What do you want to be when to be when you grow up?" to see if its a valid way of finding one's life work.Stemming from various experiences between his career and personal life, kumar will explore how people find their passion, to seeking out new potential opportunities, to tacking risks, and pursuing multiple projects/ventures.